Data Recovery

Cheapest Service in the UK!

Data Recovery starts at just £60!  Other Data Recovery providers in the UK typically charge over £500 for HDD data recovery when the drive has a mechanical fault, we know this is unaffordable for most people who just want their photos and music back from a broken computer.  For this type of recovery, identical hard drive components are required to re-build the broken device which can drive up the price, we are the cheapest in the UK for this type of recovery starting at just £250, we won't be beaten in price.

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98% Success Rate

We have a very high success rate recovering data from various devices, we use the latest specialist equipment and software to extract your data to ensure the best chance of full recovery.  We recover data from PC & MAC, HDD, SSD, USB, CCTV, NAS, RAID & Mobile

Hardware Failure

Losing your valuable documents, photos, or business data can be catastrophic. While computer storage devices such as hard disk drives, SSD, flash memory, and USB drives are reliable, they are not infallible and can still encounter problems resulting in partial or even total loss of data.

Fortunately, at Newcastle Computer Services we have the skills and resources to recover your valuable data. Contact us immediately if you are encountering problems with your computer and are concerned about possible data loss.

Data Recovery

Have you or your organization encountered data loss? Call in the experts. We can assist in attempting to recover lost data which can occur from hardware failure or deleted files. Our experienced technician will provide recovery solutions for individuals and companies requiring urgent response.

Deleted Files

Have you accidentally deleted files? Don't do anything! Switch off your computer immediately to avoid overwriting those files and losing them forever. Contact us because our technician, with their extensive experience in data recovery will give you the best chance of retrieving your files.




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